Chippewa County Rural Heritage

“Classic Tractor & Implement Club”

3717 County Hwy A Bloomer WI 54724

Christmas Party

Chippewa County Rural Heritage (CCRH), a Classic Tractor & Implement Club, will host a Christmas party on Saturday January 21, 2017 at the Tom Short residence 16686 County Highway DD, WI located six miles west of Bloomer.  The Christmas Party will follow a short annual meeting at 7:00 pm.  The menu is potluck and please provide your own beverages.  There will be games and tractor trivia.  Everyone is welcome.  Please join in the festivities and gain more information about the activities of the Chippewa County Rural Heritage Tractor club. 

Board of Directors:
Advisory Board:
Rich Suvada-Pres. 715-874-5242
Jim Satter 715-962-4203
Lyle Prince-Vice-Pres.  715-568-3738
Paul Krumenauer 715-874-6805 
Alan Boning -Treas. 402-992-8537
Jana Prince 715-568-3738
Victoria Trinko-Sec. 715-568-2037
Bob Woolever 715-237-2134
Diane Woolever 715-237-2134
Rick Hedrington 715-874-6126
Harry Prince 715-568-3497 
Tom Schindler  715-568-1034
Tom Short  715- 568-4912
  Rose Sundstrom 715-556-8018